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A Convenient Converter for Image Assets!

  • PiXel ScaLer

    Convert your map and character assets into RPG Maker Unite specs with “PiXel ScaLer”!
    PiXel ScaLer is a powerful mini app that can enlarge and convert pixel arts into higher resolution illustrations! With this tool, users can now resize custom or previous RPG Maker assets and modify a little to quickly adapt it into RPG Maker Unite’s graphic standards!

    *PiXel ScaLer is a product developed by Nononotyaya-san - who has kindly granted RPG Maker the rights to distribute it as an RPG Maker Unite official tool. **The previous PiXel ScaLer will continue to be available for download at the author’s sites after our release as an Official Tool. Users of the previous version of PiXel ScaLer can also continue to use it without concerns.

  • Try Out RPG Maker Unite's Sample BGMs!

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    ■ Please DO NOT duplicate, arrange, edit, sell, distribute, or publicize anywhere else with these sample tracks.